Catwalk Tv: Dubai Fashion Week

CIC News   •   March 12, 2019

New York Fashion Week occurs every year in February. The top designers from around the world converge in New York City, mounting shows showcasing the latest in trends, materials and styles that they predict will dominate the year to come.

Even if you can’t make it to to the NYC catwalks, you can still celebrate the world of fashion and design by mounting your own local fashion show, tying into the event in New York.  Or you can have your event at a completely different time of the year.  Whether you want to throw a charity fundraiser as a way to raise awareness for a cause you feel passionate about or simply are looking to showcase your own designs on a smaller scale, here is your fashion show checklist to make sure you’re fully leveraging Fashion Week exposure:

Settle on a Theme
First and foremost, you need to know what kind of fashion show you’ll be planning. This can take on a few dimensions: Is this show going to be about raising money for a charity or cause? Is this a commercial show, aimed at getting local retailers to stock up on new fashions? Is this an event aimed at showcase designs from a certain group, like a school or seniors? By identifying the show theme early on, you’ll have a better understanding of who your designers and attendees will be, making it easier to plan.

Order Custom Branded Materials
Once the date is set, it’s time to start gathering your signage and other decorations. No fashion show would be complete without a red carpet and a branded, custom step and repeat backdrop for photos. A backdrop branded with the name of the show or sponsor helps the organization to be promoted in the press every time a photo is snapped. By ordering ahead of time, you can ensure that the materials look the way they are supposed to well ahead of the show, as well as give yourself time to experiment with layout.

Pick a Date and Choose Your Venue
Ideally, you want to give yourself six to eight months of planning time to ensure that you are able to make the most of your event. Booking a venue that far in advance can help secure a decent rental deal and give you more than enough time to lock down your designers.

On the checklist: make sure your fashion show catwalk is carpeted to limit scuffing and slips.
Make sure your walkway is carpeted to limit scuffing and slips.

Once you’ve picked your date, it’s time to consider your venue. While multi-function event rooms can be a great place to hold a fashion show, consider alternative venues like local VFW halls, school facilities, churches and social clubs or even an outside venue if you live in a warmer climate – though with this last suggestion, be sure to have a backup plan in case of bad weather. Consider too whether the event will be held during the day or at night. A daytime show lends itself to a more family-friendly, all-ages environment while a nighttime show can evoke a feeling of chic glamour and a bustling nightlife.

Carpet, Carpet, Carpet!
Speaking of red carpet: As Wine, Women and Shoes points out, often the shoes worn by models are rented or on loan from the designers. As such, they want them back in as good condition as possible. Carpeting the area where models and other guests will be walking not only adds a touch of Hollywood glamour, but also protects high-priced and one-of-a-kind shoes from being scuffed or damaged.

Start PR and Marketing
One of the most important aspects of throwing a fashion show is marketing. Even if your show is simply a local affair, if you don’t tell anyone it’s happening, how will they know when to show up?

Particularly if you are hosting your event in conjunction with a national fashion week – like the one happening in New York – make sure to get the word out. Create an event on social media and advertise with local media outlets. Even if you don’t have an extensive advertising budget, reaching out to a local news station or paper can prove relatively simple and very fruitful, particularly if you have your promotional materials in order. Make sure to have a clear, concise listing of your designers, the location and date of the fashion show so that if any media contacts request it, you can provide it with ease.

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